Photography became a major part of my life now. It gives me a way to express myself in an artistic way. It helps me to show my point of view, to illustrate my way of seeing the world. I’m not sure if passion is a good word to describe my attitude to photography. I feel that it has a deeper meaning like an obsession. It engages all my senses and a lot of energy to compose an ideal frame, to make the best composition and push the shutter button in a right moment. I specialize in portraits, fashion and reports.
In my private life I’m a father of  two wonderful sons and I spend a lot of time with my family. I’m an open and trustworthy person that likes to interract with other people. Honesty, punctuality, reliability are the values that I put in the first place. I invite You to cooperation.
I live in Warsaw (Poland), but I am ready to go to any place in the world.
Michał Dąbrowski
HIRO, Scorpio Jin, Modellen land magazine,  HUF,, Elléments Magazine